Lupus and food

Between Pinterest, beautiful food blogs, and social media it is easy to think that delicious and photogenic food is the result every time someone tries a new coffee recipe.  However, I’m here to tell you that is not the case.  Of course, we don’t always see these food disasters but I know they happen in my kitchen quite often. But I try not to let one fail deter me from trying to make that coffee or recipe again. I thought I would share a couple of recent misses today.  And these are just the ones I remembered to take pictures of, believe me – there were many more.

This was an attempt to make my own hamburger buns unfortunately these were more like hockey pucks.  Super dense and hard.  Not sure if it was because I used stone ground flour or messed up the rising times but these were a definite fail.

I’ve seen pictures everywhere lately of magical golden turmeric milk.  Unfortunately I decided to not follow a recipe and mine turned out very very bitter and chalky.  I’m thinking maybe because I used turmeric powder and not the actual root.  I’ll will be trying to make this again soon.

This was a beet juice explosion.  Spills happen often along with the random clutter on our kitchen floor.

It’s a sad day when you burn the granola.  Luckily some of it was still salvageable.

I hope this helps anyone that is intimidated by cooking realize that it doesn’t mean you’re a bad cook if something doesn’t turn out.  It happens to everyone now and then.  I think being able to feel comfortable cooking is such a valuable skill to have when trying to eat healthy.  It’s a great way to avoid processed foods or having to depend on restaurant or take out food.  Now go cook something!

Be Happy, Be Healthy!

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